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  • Preventive Care for dogs & cats, including vaccination and dental cleanings.
  • Critical Care for dogs & cats: Misty Vistas provides hospitalization when needed to provide intravenous fluids and other veterinary treatment critical to survival in emergency cases and systemic bacterial/viral infections.
  • Exotic Pet Care: Misty Vistas treats a wide variety of exotic pets.  The following list is not all inclusive: Parrot; cockatiel; lovebirds; budgies & finches. Pocket pets: ferret; hedgehog; chinchilla; guinea pig; hamster/gebil; rat; rabbits; and sugar gliders. Reptiles: ball pythons and other small snakes; bearded dragons; geckos; chameleons; turtles and tortises. 

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We are easy to find:

We are one exit north of Kings Island, off I-71.  We are across from The Beach Waterpark, off Kings Mills Rd., in the plaza next to Arby's.

Misty Vistas Pet Hospital

5250 Courseview Dr, Mason, Ohio 45040, United States



Monday - Friday: 8am - 5pm